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New Arrivals

The Vinehall

Laser Store

Custom a laser cutting and engraving Store.


Flat Pack Workstation

Assemble and Disassemble in Seconds​. Control your home environment with the Vinehall Displays Flat Pack Workstation


Laptop Stand

Reduce neck and back pain caused by laptop use.

Lap Desk

Work in comfort anywhere. Work on you're couch. Bring you're Laptop Outside or to the Park

Junior Playstation

Help your Kids Learn and play  at home with this adjustable and integrated Playstation


Flat Pack Weights Bench

Stay Active, Stay Healthy. With the Vinehall flat pack weight bench. You can maintain your strength at home without sacrificing any limited space at home.

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Bike Stand

Reduce neck and back pain caused by laptop use.

Plyometric Box V2

Fully Branded 3-In-1 DesignWork all of your leg muscles and strengthen your core using your own body weight.

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Slant/Squat Board

Improve your Squats, reduce tension of your Knees, Ankles and Hips. While strengthening your lower body.


Weight Blocks

Avoid damage to your weights and/or floor with the Vinehall weights block

Vinehall is a family run, 100% Irish design and manufacturing business

Our Store was born out of the necessity for change and innovation during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Founded in 1988, Vinehall Displays are a Family Run Business specialising in Conference, Exhibition and Event Production.During the early stages of the Irish Lock-down we had a choice. Shut own doors and hope for events to restart soon or.... we can use our strength and highly skilled workforce to help solve problems people are facing at this moment.

 - Free Next Day delivery to the Republic of Ireland

 - Cheaper UK and Northern Ireland delivery now available


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